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Easily set up and troubleshoot your Google code 0

Easily set up and troubleshoot your Google code

Most website owners rely on accurate analytics data to give them an idea of what’s going on with their site, but it’s not always easy to set up your tracking code correctly. Problems typically arise when you want to trace a user session across multiple subdomains, and perhaps into a credit card processor,...

Advanced segments in google analytics 0

Use advanced segments for effective reporting

One of the biggest challenges when trying to present data clearly centers around filtering the important stuff. It’s easy to see aggregate data, but you really need to pick apart the data to find meaningful insights. Google provides you with standard advanced segments such as organic search, non-paid search, referral visits, visits with...

Raven SEO review 0

Raven SEO review

For anyone who dabbles in SEO, having an assortment of good tools and software on hand makes life much easier. We all rely on data, and quick observations about various metrics to gain insights into sites as we explore them. When it comes to sites that provide us with these sorts of competitive...

Backlink Espionage Part I – Find the Competitions Links 6

Backlink Espionage Part I – Find the Competitions Links

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with backlinks, including studying the most effective ways to create good, worthwhile links pointing to your site. In doing so, I always start by looking at some of the sites that rank on page one of Google for the search terms I’m going after. Often...

Why the Thesis theme stinks 9

Why the Thesis theme stinks

Yea I said it. All you people out there using Thesis have been suckered into thinking it’s some WordPress equivalent of sliced bread. Have it any way you want! Get freakin’ powerful SEO! Who doesn’t want these things? Oh, and it’s upgradeable too – because so often I need to upgrade my theme…...

Local Business Marketing – Introduction 0

Local Business Marketing – Introduction

I’ve worked with many small businesses, and have helped them turn their websites around. I can’t believe how simple and ineffective some of their websites are. Some look as if they were designed by the owner’s ten year old nephew, and others just fail to capitalize on attracting users to their site. In...

Get your backlinks indexed faster 1

Get your backlinks indexed faster

A lot of people have their own methods for getting the backlinks they build indexed faster. Here’s what works for me. Quick note: Backlinks may not show up in backlink checker services, tools, or even Yahoo Site Explorer right away. Overview: 1. Create/grab the URLs for your backlinks. I keep a .txt file...

Changes in how Google ranks content 0

Changes in how Google ranks content

As an SEO, you need to be aware of how and why Google is changing. Lately, they’ve been unveiling their new search result screen to some viewers. And as usual, they have been changing the way content on your site is scored. A lot of what you’ve been told is wrong. You probably...

Why SEO makes for a smart marketing investment in 2010 0

Why SEO makes for a smart marketing investment in 2010

Focus on long-term, sustainable rankings The internet marketing market is massive, estimated at $9 billion last year and projected to exceed $20 billion by 2013. That’s a figure that any business owner should be aware of. The majority of this marketing is spent on PPC – pay per click promoting, buying your visitors....

How I brought 70% of a customer’s keywords to page one of Google 0

How I brought 70% of a customer’s keywords to page one of Google

I take a lot of pride in the SEO work I do, and really enjoy the creative thought process that goes along with it. The whole goal is to overtake the competition, and get increased search engine ranking positions. In just one month, I helped Mind River Marketing get to page one of...

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