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Gallerific – jQuery Image Gallery

Gallerific – jQuery Image Gallery

Lately I have been using jQuery a lot more; handling image fades, transitions, and galleries. Today, I came across this plugin that can be used to display a photo gallery with jQuery. It’s highly configurable, and is built very well. It features Smart Image Preloading after the page is loaded Thumbnail Navigation (with...

Insert image thumbnails in WordPress posts

Insert image thumbnails in WordPress posts

I have found that one of the simplest ways to manage images in wordpress is to use the custom fields. By simply inserting a “key” to identify the image, and the image path, you can easily manage and incorporate a variety of images into your site. Step One Decide what kind of image...

Style a <hr> background image with CSS

Style a
background image with CSS

When we think of the horizontal rule, other cliche 90’s era design items come to mind; however the <hr> has made quite a comeback lately. A recent post at Smashing Magazine shows some fresh and creative uses for the once forgotten HTML tag. Now that you have it in mind that you want...

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