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For anyone who dabbles in SEO, having an assortment of good tools and software on hand makes life much easier. We all rely on data, and quick observations about various metrics to gain insights into sites as we explore them. When it comes to sites that provide us with these sorts of competitive analysis, keyword research, ppc data, and so on, you have many to choose from. The folks at SEOmoz.org do a fine job packaging up some great SEO tools, and even allow you to use some of them for free. I would be lost without the SEOquake and SEO book plugins for Firefox. I’m a frequent visitor at Compete, Spyfu, Google’s adwords research, and many more places. Most of these stay open in nine different tabs in my browser. Nowadays I use Raven SEO Tools, which keeps everything under one hood.

Most worthwhile services charge a premium for usage. That makes sense considering the toll it takes on servers when pulling tens of thousands of backlinks for a site, or ranking 1000 keywords against the first ten pages of Google. I’ve signed up for and tried more than I can think of, and I have some favorites. If I’m trying to spy on competition, I’ll turn to Spyfu, and SEMrush. I love the quick summaries they provide, telling me exactly what keywords a domain is ranking for, along with other juicy metrics. And when I want to nose into someone’s backlink strategy, I turn to Majestic SEO for their comprehensive reports. Almost anyone interested in keywords uses Wordtracker to manage their keyword lists and get some fast, accurate research on traffic. For tracking my actual search engine rankings, I was using many tools. Keeping tabs of ranks was one of the biggest pains, and it seems that ultimately there’s no perfect solution. But some come close, like SEO Rank Monitor. They do a great job, but I need to track hundreds of keywords and their pricing is just not that affordable considering it’s just one of many tools I need to have.

This is where Raven steps in. They bring together all the above tools, and much more. They bundle Majestic SEO, SEM Rush, Wordtracker, and other services together under one roof. They integrate with your social networking accounts, Google Analytics, making it super easy to keep track of social buzz and the latest stats. There’s an awesome link manager tool, which lets you input, keep track of, qualify and score links you’re building. There’s a content manager to keep track of and disperse all your articles and more. Of course you have adwords research, keyword research, and website quality analysis available.

Raven SEO Tools Dashboard

Their system includes everything you need to research, manage, monitor, and report in one place. If I’ve ever met a tool that saves me time, this is it. I’m a big fan of the reporting system, which allows me to crank out a nice weekly SEO update for my company. Overall, I give two thumbs up to this product, and I for one hardly ever take time to review things like this. But the team at Raven Internet Marketing Tools deserve it.

Raven Tools SEO Tools


Michael Meisner is a code-slinging, data crunching, growth hacking extraordinaire. He combines these powers to create traffic generation strategies and drive brand awareness for clients he works with. When he's not staring at a computer screen he can be found sipping a glass of wine with his Pit Bull and wife by his side.

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