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Deliver targeted ads to visitors using WordPress 0

Deliver targeted ads to visitors using WordPress

This is the Targeted Ads Approach Wouldn’t it be great if you could plop a targeted message in front of visitors eyes, and increase conversions?? SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO DELIVER TARGETED ADS! Do you have a site with a broad central topic, and lots of sub-categories, where you display ads? Sometimes...

WordPress SEO Trick – Optimize “Read More” Link 3

WordPress SEO Trick – Optimize “Read More” Link

I’m going to share a simple snippet of code that will help optimize the “Read more” link for your WordPress site. First, you should always begin by writing a concise title that contains targeted keywords. Your post titles should also always be contained in tags. I mention this because the “read more” link...

Hot new jQuery Slider 0

Hot new jQuery Slider

I’m not a big fan of the other javascript libraries, so when someone comes along and creates a jQuery version of a popular rival’s plugin, I’m happy. That’s the case with the “s3Slider” plugin for jQuery. It’s super slick and reminiscent of Jondesign’s “smoothgallery”. I look forward to using this in future themes....

Google’s guide to SEO 0

Google’s guide to SEO

The Google team recently took some time to address a common question. How can I improve my search engine rankings? To wit they created several small, concise guides about search engine optimization for you to download. These guides are easy to understand, and include lots of images for us visual-minded folks. I suggest...

Create multiple headers in WordPress 10

Create multiple headers in WordPress

The Problem I’ve enounterd the need for this on several projects and thought it might help. In this case, I didn’t want the featured slider to appear on every page, as it was located in the header. You too, may want to display page-specific headers based on certain conditions. Well, it’s not that...

Create a featured posts slider in WordPress using jQuery 17

Create a featured posts slider in WordPress using jQuery

Many premium themes feature cool featured content sliding areas, where the latest posts appear. There is one such plugin, built around the Mootools library, but I wanted to use jQuery, as I prefer it over the other libraries. I also wanted it to automatically scroll. Of course, this can easily be modified to...

Modularize your development process 0

Modularize your development process

Since I’ve started using WordPress as my choice platform for web development, I’ve been “modularizing” my development system. What does this mean? In the past, I would haphazardly make a half-cocked plan of action and get to work immediately. Now I load the chamber with strategic bullets that allow me to get going…faster....

Javascript image galleries roundup 0

Javascript image galleries roundup

I find jQuery to be the best javascript toolbox out there, and will focus on galleries built around that framework, however some listed do not rely on jQuery. Gallerific Visit site Step Carousel Viewer From the folks at Dynamic Drive comes this slick carousel viewer. Visit site jQGalScroll – A scrolling image gallery...

jQuery image carousel – Agile Carousel 5

jQuery image carousel – Agile Carousel

I found this awesome jQuery script for a carousel. It’s sort of a combination of the “smoothgallery” by Jondesign and the “Featured Content Glider” from DHTML. I like it better. It has some great features, like the hover arrows to direct scrolling, visual indicators in the top portion of the display that allow...

Free Grunge Textures

Free Grunge Textures

Both of my parents enjoy taking photos and when I came across these pictures, taken by my mother, I thought they’d be perfect to offer up. These are pictures of old floors, taken at various locations in Maine. They are grungy in nature, and display a great mix of colors and textures. The...

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