Get your backlinks indexed faster

A lot of people have their own methods for getting the backlinks they build indexed faster. Here’s what works for me.

Quick note: Backlinks may not show up in backlink checker services, tools, or even Yahoo Site Explorer right away.


1. Create/grab the URLs for your backlinks. I keep a .txt file handy for each of my sites, with associated backlinks.
2. Create an RSS feed from all these URLs.
3. Submit the RSS feed to many RSS aggregators.
4. Bookmark your RSS feed on several social bookmarking sites.
5. Ping your feed.


1. Create/grab the URLs for your backlinks – This is simple enough. Whether you are using Angela’s/Paul’s profile links packs, posted scrapebox links, other packs, your own, it doesn’t matter – just save them in a text file.

2. Create an RSS feed from all these URLs- I use a service called HTML2RSS. It’s free to sign up and you can add up to 250 URLs to mash up into one giant RSS feed. Make sure to add all the URLs you created and saved in your text file. Also add a keyword rich description for your new feed. Create your feed.

3. Submit your new Feed to RSS Aggregators – Again, there are many. I prefer to use RSS Submit, but there are others such as SEnuke, Scrapebox, and so on.

4. Bookmark the feed – Socialmarket and Onlywire work well for this. No need to go overboard, just make a few submissions, that’s all.

5. Ping your feed – Pretty self-explanatory…Ping-O-Matic, Pingler, Pingoat are all good for this, but if you have some software, like Scrapebox, that’ll work great too.


– Add URLs from your money-site and other pages within your money site (if available) when you are creating your feed. This will get some good backlinks to your money page and some deep links if you have a multiple page site like a blog.

– This method works great for profile links, but it can also be used for any other type of link as well.


Michael Meisner is a code-slinging, data crunching, growth hacking extraordinaire. He combines these powers to create traffic generation strategies and drive brand awareness for clients he works with. When he's not staring at a computer screen he can be found sipping a glass of wine with his Pit Bull and wife by his side.

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