Javascript image galleries roundup

I find jQuery to be the best javascript toolbox out there, and will focus on galleries built around that framework, however some listed do not rely on jQuery.


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Step Carousel Viewer

From the folks at Dynamic Drive comes this slick carousel viewer.
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jQGalScroll – A scrolling image gallery

Simple and clean gallery where the images scroll using the function.
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Space Gallery

A flash-like effect done very well. The images line up behind each other and “pop and fade” as you click them.
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Script & Style automatically generate photo gallery from list of images

This is a robust script put out by the folks over at script and style, and the best feature is that you don’t have to manually resize photos. Just drag and drop into a folder, and presto. You’re good to go. Works well with larger galleries. Uses the fancybox technique to overlay the image.
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Image Flow

Another flash-like effect here. Featuring a scrollbar at the bottom, and a 3d, circular panorama of the photos, each pictures “flows” into the center spot as they seemingly dance in a circular pattern.
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Dynamic Image Gallery and Slideshow

This one has it all – javascript, thumbnails, AJAX, and more. It’s presented in a clean format with the thumbnails scrolling along the bottom, and the featured image above.
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