The 11 Best Free Woocommerce Plugins and Extensions

Woothemes built a brilliant and flexible business model around Woocommerce, which I outlined before. While the core ecommerce plugin is free, if you want to extend functionality to do things like manage orders, add social promotions, create complex order forms, or add member subscriptions for example, you’ll need to purchase paid extensions. The Woothemes team has built an amazing selection of premium extensions to add all sorts of great enhancements for their product. With a purchase from them, you get full support and assurance that the plugin will be maintained and updated often. These purchases can add up quickly though. Luckily, there are some decent free plugins. Below you will find some of the most useful ones.

Update 4/21/14 – Additional resources

Since publishing this post, I wrote a few other lengthy posts on useful Woocommerce plugins and tips to improve your store. You might find these useful as well:

Pushover – Push notifications for Android and iOS


On my store, I have SMS notifications set up so that whenever a new order comes in, I get a text message letting me know. It also has a nice “ringing bell” noise, which works in a sort of Pavlovian way for me – when I hear that “ding” I know I made a sale, and I want more! But it’s also convenient to know when a new sale comes in because you can immediately check to see what you sold and follow up right away if necessary. In addition to new order notifications, this plugin will send you a message when stock is low, back ordered, or completely out.

Download it here

Accepted Payment Methods


It’s important to offer your visitors security and comfort when shopping online. By easing their concerns and answering questions they have, you’ll drive more customers down the buying funnel without hesitation. With this plugin, you can display payment methods you accept on the front-end of your website. Just include the shortcode in a widget or page, and you’re good to go.

Download it here

WP-Lister for Ebay


In order to maximize sales and get the most eyes on your products, you must diversify your product streams beyond your own website. That might entail sending feeds to Google Product Listings and advertising on various merchant sites. Of course, Ebay is one of the biggest players in the online shopping game, and it only makes sense to post your products on their site. However, anyone who has used Ebay knows it isn’t always the easiest task. This plugin helps streamline the necessary steps by allowing you to quickly post products to their site.

Download Here

YITH Image Zoom/Magnifier


There are several image zoom plugins you can purchase for cheap, but this one does a great job and costs nothing. The crew at “Your Inspiration Web Themes” created this plugin to add a clean zoom feature to your product images.

Download it here

CSV Product Importer


One of the most glaring omissions in the core functionality of Woocommerce is the lack of a simple product import feature. You could buy the $199 extension (as I have done) from Woothemes, which works very well. Or you could take this one for a spin. It works the same, but unlike the extension offered by Woothemes, it doesn’t allow you to export your store. Don’t worry though – there’s a free extension for that as well. If you have 100+ products, and need to add images, variations, attributes, and all the other relevant information, this plugin will be a huge help.

Download it here

Woocommerce Store Exporter


If you import a lot of products to your store, chances are you’ll want to export those at some point. Maybe you need to update prices or add a new shipping class to many products at once. This is also a great tool to use when you’re trying to export your products to create an external feed for Google, Bing, or another merchant center. One of the things I like about this plugin is the ability to export certain categories, product types, or product statuses.

Download it here

Smart Sale Badge


When a product is on sale in your store, Woocommerce enables a little “Sale” badge that appears in the corner of the preview image. That’s nice and all, but by showing the user exactly how much they will save, you prime them much better. That’s why Amazon clearly shows you how much you’ll save on every product in their store. It’s been proven to increase conversions, and this simple plugin replaces the “sale” badge with a “Save XX$” image instead.

Download it here

Product Details Customizer


By default, Woocommerce displays related products, upsells, and other tabs on the product display page. Sometimes you don’t want to show those things, and this plugin lets you pick what you want to hide.

Download it here

Bulk Product Discounts


Do you want to offer shoppers a flat rate, or percentage discount on large volume purchases of a product? This plugin can help. For example, you might want to offer a 10% discount on purchases of ten or more of a certain product. The developers include nice features that help display the product discount in various places on the store, including the product page, email receipt, and on the checkout.

Download it here

Product Video Tab


Videos can add a great enhancement to any product, but the native Woocommerce plugin doesn’t have the ability to neatly include one on the product page. This plugin solves that problem by adding a tab to the product display that appears when you add a video to the product.

Download it here

Mutlilingual Support


Do you use WPML to power your site, and offer content to non-English speakers? If that’s the case, and you want to sell products as well, this plugin will help. It helps manage translations for product categories, tabs, attributes, and much more. It emails customers order receipts and notifications in their own language and helps you run your ecommerce store with multiple currencies.


Michael Meisner is a code-slinging, data crunching, growth hacking extraordinaire. He combines these powers to create traffic generation strategies and drive brand awareness for clients he works with. When he's not staring at a computer screen he can be found sipping a glass of wine with his Pit Bull and wife by his side.

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18 Responses

  1. linda2575 says:

    Hi , There it is also a great plugin which i have used  and it looks greatttt :  Woocommerce Products Badge Management   , you can find it on this link  :

  2. linda2575 says:

    Also this others plugins are very usefull 

    Woocommerce Donation plugin
    Woocommerce Sales Map  :
    Woocommerce Today Orders and To-date orders

  3. jonimo says:

    CSV Product Importer  is very good. Soon we will have the full official pro version (worth 199 bucks) available for just $10 after. How do we do this? We don’t provide guaranteed support. We do however give you updates for a year, and because we are developers ourselves we do our very best to help you and will be able to answer most queries quickly. http:/

  4. Trichromium says:

    I felt you have way toomany Social buttons on your site. If they convert good for you but I find them too much and I’m the only person to comment.. Also I’m seeing two bios for you that are identical with the exception of formatting.
    But I like your list so thanks for that.

  5. Trichromium says:

    Now i see why you have No comments I was skeptical about livefyre but logged in anyway. But I wouldn’t normally be arsed I’d just leave… Tried editing my comment and it closes immediately same with reply may have to do with social bar + my device…

  6. delapanlima says:

    thanks for the free plugin extension. awesome 😀

  7. mbcreation says:

    Hi Mike,

    If you’re writing someday a review for premium plugin, please check our own collections. Some of them are usefull 🙂

  8. hello3 says:

    You should consider the following plugins:

    WooCommerce Sales Booster

    WooCommerce WooSales Mobile


  9. woogang says:

    WooCOmmerce has changed the world of online store using wordpress. Now anyone owning a retail store can open their online store with help of little computing knowledge and determination. Plus these free extensions and some of the best paid extensions like subscriptions, bookings etc.. now it is giving option to all kind of service providers.

  10. designvast says:

    Best woocommerce plugins collection. I like “CSV Product Importer
    ” plugin very much. Thank you very much sharing it.

  11. TarunRai says:

    I would like to share a custom solution we built for one of our clients in WooCommerce. Its an interactive stepwise filter for easy and simple product search. The solution was built for an online pharmaceutical store where in customers can select a body part on an image(hand, leg, etc), select from the sub menu provided for the selected body part(hand: wrist, elbow, etc) and then search to list the products.
    This is something that is not available online as a plugin. There can be a variety of applications for this. You can take a look at the solution here.

  12. estherbrown says:

    you nicely share beneficial and free WooCommerce plugins & extensions. For
    WooCommerce users have required to use all plugins as per their requirement and
    create more user friendly for end user. Ecommerce domains are popular in
    present trend and give more revenue when end user use-through to your website. As
    upcoming trend there is arrived new extension as web to print online product
    design. By using this configurator end user can design online products like T-shirt
    design, Pillow design, Mug design, Cap design, Flag design, Mobile Case design,
    Purse design and many more. You can get demo extension from:

  13. Mila_jovo says:

    Best free bulk discount plugin I found is DBC Disocunts plugin. 

    I see they have a pro version too also which seems very promising and I will buy it soon.  
    Product Details Customizer and DBC discount are two most plugins on my list.

  14. Artyom Chakhoyan says:

    I think the most important extension is the WooCommerce custom product tabs, to be able show custom information under product page. Recently I got few emails from my WooCommerce shop visitors, they ask me to allow them ask pre-sale questions for each products. A simple discussion or commenting plugin will be very helpful to allow them discuss and ask any questions before buying. So I’d recommend add some plugin here which allows to discuss, comment and ask questions in a new tub under Product page.

  15. UltimateWoo_WP says:

    Hi Mike. Excellent write up of WooCommerce plugins.

    We just released a free plugin (with a pro version as well) that you may be interested in checking out. It’s called UltimateWoo and is developed as a WooCommerce plugin suite that gives users the ability to enable dozens of awesome modules directly from their dashboard…no messing with a bunch of license keys or individual uploads. Here’s a link to the free version.

  16. TarunRai says:

    You can also try Product Enquiry for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you have an enquiry button on each product page which opens up a quick pop up for customers to enquire about a particular product. The customer details along with the product details are sent to you via email. The plugin helps increase client interaction and improve sales.

  17. wpbean says:

    Thanks for this nice listing of all necessary Woocommerce Plugins. I have a popular Woocommerce plugin on WordPress plugin repository called ” WPB Woocommerce Product Slider “.
    I have a Pro version also for this plugin that allow user to building shortcode we called it advance shortcode builder.
    Here free version :
    And here pro version :

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