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Harnessing the Power of Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool

Lower your advertising costs. Uncover new audience segments. Reap the benefits. Any successful advertising campaign relies on delivering your message to a highly targeted audience. Your goal is to maximize the efficiency of your ad spending, and if you’re like most marketers, you need as much detail about your customers as you can get, including what they’re...


8 Remarketing Tips to Get Visitors Back to Your Website

You just set up your first remarketing campaign and have some nifty banner ads approved for display. As the ad impressions begin accumulating you might even attribute a few sales to clicks back to your site. A carefully planned remarketing campaign can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive...


The 11 Best Free Woocommerce Plugins and Extensions

Woothemes built a brilliant and flexible business model around Woocommerce, which I outlined before. While the core ecommerce plugin is free, if you want to extend functionality to do things like manage orders, add social promotions, create complex order forms, or add member subscriptions for example, you’ll need to purchase paid extensions. The...