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Hi there, and welcome to my personal website. This is where I share thoughts on a variety of things, including digital marketing trends, ecommerce strategies, and stories from the wine industry. I’ve built 100+ websites, led SEO efforts for a top 1000 ranked Alexa site, and today I work with eWinery Solutions. As Manager of Digital Marketing Services, I help to market products and services to the wine industry.

I also manage a few ecommerce websites on the site, including one that sells, of all things, spa covers. Yes, it’s random, but it’s quite successful as well. The freedom of managing my own ecommerce site allows me to experiment with different things, and learn from my efforts.

When I’m not geeking out over inbound marketing, conversion optimization, and data, I’m probably spending time with my fiance and the dog in Grass Valley, CA or spending time with friends in Napa/Sonoma. Northern California is a beautiful place to live, and I’m lucky enough to have a backyard where I can snowboard, fish, hike, and immerse myself in nature when I’m not staring at a computer screen.

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